45 Links to SJHS Web Pages from 1996 to 2005

Almost all of the web pages for St. Joseph High School placed at various locations on the internet since 1996 are still available but need to be searched from the quick menu link. This selection of links in chronological order was made to make it easier to find some of the pages from 1996 to 2005. If you search for other links that are not listed here and would like to include them in this list, send the link address or description to the webmaster at


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01) Vinegar Eels Under a Microscope Video - Made by Br. James in 1996

02) Hear a welcome message from the first members of the Science ajnd Internet Club of St.Joseph High School made in 1996. Delivering the message are Alwyn Lynch, Zipporah Inniss, Donna Royer, Rhodni Gardner and Brother James Petrait.

03) WWW in the Classroom on a 32 inch Color TV, SJHS, Bldg.2, April 4, 1997

04) Comet Hale-Bopp Photos from St.Croix

05) SJHS 1996-97 Award Winners

06) St. Joseph High School Astronomy Class Visits Arecibo Radio Telescope in 1998

07) Viewing the 1998 Solar Eclipse Through the Clouds

08) Hurricane Georges Hits St. Croix in 1998

09) Microscopic Murchison Photo (from Meteorites Collection)

10) Visitors from Outer Space (Meteorites Collection)

11) The 1998 Jets Team Places Nationally

12) SJHS 1998 Solar Racing Team Wins Again

13) SJHS Student Zipporah Inniss Wins NASA Contest in 1998

14) SJHS Students attend Junior Statesmen Program at Princeton University in 1999

15 Hurricane Lenny Hits St. Croix in 1999

16) SJHS 2000 JETS Team Places First in the VI and 16th Nationally

17) SJHS 2000 Astronomy Students Build a Working Model of the Mars Sojourner Robotic Vehicle

18) SJHS Student is a Gates Millennium Scholar when first given in 2000

19) SJHS Students Win FBLA Awards, 1999-2000

20) SJHS 2001 Science Symposium Winners

21) Glucose Concentrations in Milk by Rolando J. Cruz, 2001 SJHS Science Symposium

22) SJHS Students Say the Rosary Together in 2001

23) SJHS Basketball Team Wins the Invitational Tournament for the 4th Year in a Row! (March, 2001)

24) SJHS Students Pray the Stations of the Cross on April 4, 2001

25) First 2 weeks of school at SJHS, 2002 Photos

26) December 2002 SJHS Photos1

27) SJHS photos2, December 2002

28) SJHS 2002 Walkathon Photos

29) SJHS 2003 Third Annual Hall of Fame Honorees

30) SJHS Photos 8/03 - 12/03

31) SJHS Photos, 1/03 to 6/03

32) Writing Across the Curriculum: Project Mahogany, 2003-04

33) SJHS Photos, January to May 2004

34) SJHS Eclipse Video, 10/27/04

35) SJHS Science Fair, March 2004

36) 2004 SJHS Science Symposium Winners

37) SJHS Photos, December 2004

38) SJHS Photos August to December 2005

39) Ernest Morris Video Clip, SJHS 2005

40) SJHS Photos, June 2005

41) Panoramic View of Br. James’ 2005 Chemistry Class in the Computer Lab

42) Photos of Visitors From Denmark to SJHS on 11/08/05

43) 2005 SJHS Moot Court Team Ranks 1st in STX and 3rd in the VI

44) 2005 SJHS Science Symposium Winners with Video Link

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