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2002-2003 Astronomy Class Photo in front of the Pole holding the Cross after Measuring the Height of the Cross with a Quadrant during the second week of school.

Internet Lesson # 04 The Planetary System (10/04/02)

1) Hand in Objective A-38 on the "Planets" video.

2) Do Objective A-40 which consists in going to the website links below and trying to learn as much about the subject as you can during the class period. You should write at least several lines of notes on each of the webpages visited.

3) You will be given anaglyph viewing glasses to view the NASA Martian photos in 3D. The blue color goes over your right eye. Mark your glasses as you will be using them again.

Links for Objective A-40 (Do what you can during the class period.)


IMP: Color Stereo Images of Mars

More Stereo Images of Mars

The Anatomy of an Imp Image

Views of the Solar System

The Nine Planets

Welcome to the Planets

The Solar System-Pictures of Planets and Quizzes

Stardate Online- Solar System Intro

Sun and Moon Data for One Day - U.S. Naval Observatory

The Virtual Solar System (includes quizzes)

The Virtual Scale Model of the Solar System

How to view Stereo pair images without glasses

3D Stereo pairs of Saturn


4) Homework: Read and study Chapters 9, 10. Continue Objective A-40 by writing a 2-sides or more report on the new ideas that you learned.

Attach today's notes to the assignment.

Internet Lesson # 03 The Sun, Earth, and Moon.)


Do Objective A-27 (Classwork/Homework)

1) Visit the 4 websites below (and the additional links). Thoroughly read, study and write notes on what is requested on one sheet of loose-leaf paper. For homework add 2 more sheets of loose-leaf paper and fill them with 1/2 side each about what you learned from the four main links below (This could be an expanded version of your notes in good English.)

2) Hand-in the 3 sheets of loose-leaf paper filled out on Monday at the start of class.


A) Do not use the printer for this class.

B) Do not play games (except for those in the assignment) on the computer.

C) Do not go to any other websites. If you go to the wrong site by mistake and it is has inappropriate material on it, inform the teacher at once.

D) No email is to be sent and do not go to any newsgroups.

E) If you are working with a partner from this class, do your assignment individually but place your partner's name at the bottom of your assignment. You and your partner may have similar notes.

F) Pace yourself. If you are running short on time, then try to visit all of the 4 main sites listed. Also, you may continue outside of classtime.,

F) Keep all of the classroom rules.


Go to The SOHO Sun Satellite

1) Write down today's space weather. What is the solar wind?

Click on THE SUN NOW. Click on and observe the larger images from the 8 smaller images.

2) How are the images the same and how are the images different?


3) What do EIT, MDI, and LASCO stand for?

Go to Geostationary Satellite Server GOES 8, 10 Full Disk Images

Click on the GOES 8 Full Disk IR and VIS images.

4) Compare and contrast the 2 images.

Locate St.Croix and the clouds around it. Click on the METEOSAT LInk and look at the full Disk, Visible and IR images.

5) What is the current cloud pattern in Africa?

Go to Educational Observatory - the Moon

Read this page about the moon and observe the animated moon and then click on


Go to Moon Phase Pictures

Take the 3 quizzes and record your scores.

Do the memory game and slider and jigsaw (if it works) puzzles of the moon.

If you have time try the 2 dimensional images.

Go to Internet Lesson # 01: Exploring an Internet Sky Map

Go to Internet Lesson # 02: Some Astronomy Websites

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