Biology Classes Website, August - December, 2007

Read and follow these directions. Refer back to this page as you do the lesson.

 Friday, October 5, 2007

1) Check your grades at The grades are currently up-to-date to 10/2/07.

2) Do Objective B-29: Web Lessson 2. Go to the online resources listed below. Using your required, low profile clipboard, loose-leaf paper and pen, write something about what you learned about each of the websites visited . Begin each of the notes with the title of the website visited. The number of sides of notes expected for full credit will be announced during class. The number of new scilinks and new websites (and time on each) visited will also be considered in determining the grade for this objective. Be sure to hand-in the assignment at the end of this class unless announced otherwise.

3) Go to the SCILINKS and use those that are listed under the teacher's favorites. The scilinks are on the website and each scilink topic includes a number of websites. The scilinks were selected from Chapters 9, and 21. The topics for the scilinks are:

species, speciation


natural selection


radioactive dating

plate tectonics/ pangaea


human evolution


Try to go to all of all of the scilinks.and all of the websites. There are numerous websites for each scilink. You need to look quickly at all of them and then go back and focus on several websites that are interesting, interactive, and that help you learn and become enthusiatic about the topic.


Go to

4) Be sure to take your textbook home with you and do Homework Objective B-20: write, study and know the definitions for the 7 bold-type words/terms  in Chapter 21 and add the definitions for these 8 words/terms: fossils, radioactive dating, Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, archaeology, anthropologist. (15 words total) Be sure to hand this in at the start of class on 10/9/07.

4) Be sure to read and study and know Chapters 9, 21, 10,11 and all the handouts, notes, and assignments for the Unit 3 Test in less than 2 weeks followed by the semester exam on Chapters 1 to 11 and 21 and all the handouts, notes, and assignments.


This is the end of Web Lesson 2, Friday, October 5. 2007.

If you are finished, you may explore

Interesting Websites 

Have a Happy Weekend and Holiday! 


Friday, September 14, 2007

1) Read and follow the Computer Usage Rules for Bro. James' Classes.

2) Register for Biology Class at Follow the instructions on the handout. Send an email to the teacher using the form on gradeconnect. Type your name into the message. This is Objective B-12 and you will receive the 9 points only when it is completed.

3) Register for Scilinks. Follow the instructions on the handout. Go to This is objective B-13 and you will receive 9 points only when this is done.

4) Go to and use those scilinks that are listed under the teacher's favorites. Each scilink topic includes a number of websites. Select these scilinks: prokaryotic cells, function of the cell membrane, eukaryotic cell structures, cell cycle and mitosis, Use your clipboard with loose-leaf paper to take some notes for this. The amount will be announced by the teacher depending on the available time. This is Objective B-14.

5) Do the Unit 2, Week 4 Biology Review sheet for homework. It is Objective B-15. Hand it in at the start of the next class.

Have a Happy Weekend!