0806-1206 Web Design and Graphics Class Website

Part 1

These links are to previous classes of this kind. Explore them.

0804-1204 Web Surfing and Design Class

Student Web Pages from the above class

0104-0504 Web Design and Computer Graphics Class

2003 Web Design and Computer Graphics Class


Use the Webmonkey links and the textbook to help develop your use of HTML:

Webmonkey, The Web developer's Resource

Webmonkey, HTML Basics

Objective W-01 is about the starting basics of HTML and making a simple web page with text.

Objective W-02 involves adding photos to the web page.

Objective W-03 involves adding color and size changes to the webpage. Also practice copying pages of the SJHS website into individual folders.

Special Uploading Website (for the teacher to post information for the class using the Yahoo Geocities website manager instead of FTP.)


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