Student Web Pages and Science Research Papers as of 10/27/04




September 1, 2004

Welcome to the Web Surfing and Design Class. The first assignment will make use of offline surfing. Below is a repeat of the readme file for this class in case you will be repeating this at home. For this assignment, you should go to the CYBERMEME WEBSITE and look for the article on Hurricane Hugo. Read the article and make an outline of it in NOTEPAD (see below) and save on your diskette. Proportion your time to do this during the class period. This is Objective W01 (see below). The content and the techniques you use for doing this are both important.

README File from the CD Folder webcl01

Welcome to the offline surfing of the Cybermeme websites system of Bro. James. This folder is an off-line alternative to use when the outside internet connection is not available. This is contained in the webcl01 folder which stands for web class 01.

There are 2 START files. START01 will take you to a menu for the Virtual Yearbook which is not in this folder. Just go to the index page and then to the Cybermeme website. START02 will only work if you select Internet Explorer to open it. The links to each part of the several websites only work within the website. The outside links will not work offline.

Each assignment you do in this class is called an Objective and these are numbered starting from Objective W01.

Please follow the instructions from your teacher as to what you are to surf and read.
The assignment may be either handwritten on loose-leaf paper according to the assignment rules which were given to you previously or they may be simply typed using NOTEPAD (not WORDPAD or WORD). Using NOTEPAD will enable you to become ready for writing html code in later classes. NOTEPAD does not have much formatting which eliminates problems in the writing of html. You can simply type you Student number, Name, Objective Number and title when you begin and then do whatever writing is required of you. Then save the NOTEPAD file as w01
on your diskette. Do not save anything else on your diskette unless told otherwise.

This README file is written in RTF format and is not a NOTEPAD file.

Send email to (paste or write the address into the mail to be sent in your web-based mail program).

September 2,3, 2004

Congratulations to all students for your participation in yesterday's class. If your computer does not have the virtual websites folder on it, take the time first to use one of the CD's to place it in the computer. The best place to keep the folder is "My Documents" so that other classes don't accidentally erase it.

If everyone has the internet working today, then you may not have to use it. Today, you should observe the St. Joseph High School website from the links on the CD or online at and if you are reading this you are there already.

Observe as many of the pages and links as possible - especially the ones on the website. For this assignment, don't spend too much time on offsite links. While observing, do Objective W-02 which consists of listing and writing about what each part of the website contains. Try to identify any techniques that are used so you can be aware of them when you make your own webpages. Look at the filenames that appear for each of the links. Take your time and spend the entire period doing this. Be sure to write descriptions in your own words. Do not just cut and paste.

Do it all in Notepad again and save the file with you student ID number followed by the Objective number, there should be no spaces and all should be lower case. This is important that we are consistent in doing this so when we do any class projects, we can easily link the various files. As an example, if your student ID number is 217 and the Objective number is w-02, save the file exactly as 217w02 without any suffix (notepad doesn't show the .txt suffix so don't type it in - as you may wind up with 2 suffixes.

Be careful of spelling and be sure to use all of the class time. Points will be deducted from this assignment if you don't follow these instructions exactly and if you don't have many details written down.

Be sure to turn in your completed assignment on the diskette before your leave.

Be sure to follow -



September 7, 2004

Check your grade for the previous 2 objectives on your diskette and do the recommendations so you can achieve the maximum points next time. Todays's Objective is W03. Save it as before with your student number followed by w03. For example student ID number 210 would save it as 210w03 exactly.In your notepad writeup include your name, ID#, Objective # and computer # that you are using and then be sure to give a title and organize it.

The content today has the physical online data about the earth and outer space weather and characteristics and the clock link at the bottom of the SJHS starting web page. You can use the numbering below (A1, B1 etc.) to answer the questions. Don't recopy the questions into your file. Answer them in sentences with the correct data that you typed in.

Pace yourself to use all of the time during this block. If you get through everything and have time left, then go back and research more details and write more about what you answered.

A) First check the STX weather and answer the following questions by searching the weather site:

1) What is the current data for the STX weather?

2) What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

3) What are the current probabilities for Hurricane Ivan passing by STX?

4) What are the current characteristics of Hurricane Ivan.

5) Compare the computer tracking models for Hurricane Ivan.

6) Where is Hurricane Frances located at the present time?

7) What is the current radar data for STX? Place it in motion if possible and predict if there is any rainfall coming to STX or STT.

B) Check the Goes 8 satellite and answer these questions:

1) Describe what part of the earth is shown.

2) What do Hurricanes Ivan and Frances look like in Goes 8?

3) Describe any other prominent weather formations that you observe.

C) Check the Geostationary satellite. Go to the Puerto Rico infrared link.

1) What do observe around STX?

2) How does it compare with the current radar dta?

3) Check the visible link for this satellite and compare what you see to the infrared link.

D) Check the latest space weather

1) List the various measurements.

2) From the links on the website, try to give a simple explanation as to what this website is all about.

E) Check the correct views of the sun from the SOHO satellite.

1) Find the one that looks yellow and enlarge it. Describe it and indicate if there are any spots on it and how large they are.

2) What is the meaning of the different pictures of the sun?

F) Check the latest time from the website link

1) Describe the clock and other features that pop up.

2) Use the links on the clock to find out more and write about how it works.

3) Compare the time on the clock with the digital clock in the computer room and the analog clock in the front of the room.

NOTE: If there is time and you have a web based email, try sending a short summary of what you did today to Be sure to indicate your full name and ID # on the email and use your email address. If you do not have an email address, you may try to get a free one at if finished with your classowork or with permission of the teacher.

Be sure to turn in your completed assignment on the diskette before your leave.

Be sure to follow -



September 8, 2004

Today's class took place in Building 2. There follows a link to a copy of the handout given to the students.

Go to Web Class Notes 1

September 10, 2004

Start where you left off for September 7. Be sure to use all of the time to work on the objective and go back and go back and add more. If you are finished,and don't have an email address, go to and sign up for a free one.If you already have a web-based email address practice sending a message to

Next week you may try to enroll in You need an email address to do it. will enable you to check your grades for this class online.

Go to the following link if you are interested in buying a digital camera.

Go to the low-cost digital camera at

September 13, 2004

If you finished Objective W03 (See September 7,8,10) at home, hand it in on your diskette with the new objective at the end of this class. If you were absent and did not due the objective yet, see Bro. James as to how you will make it up at home or outside of the class time. Please only do Objective W04 today during class.

Objective W04 - Surfing the NASA Mars Exploration Websites

1) Save it on your diskette as before using NOTEPAD with your number followed by w04.

2) Read over these directions first, and then proportion your time to complete the assignment during the class time.

3) For this objective, please go to the following link first

NASA Mars Program Overview

3) Write a summary of this section and then proceed to the following sections

A) SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, MISSIONS, PEOPLE, FEATURES, EVENTS, MULTIMEDIA, ALL ABOUT MARS. Read each section and write summaries of each section in your own words. Proportion your time to finish as much as possible of each these links as you have class time for.

B) Then continue with MARS FOR STUDENTS and read about and write summaries of each of the 5 programs that students can be involved with.

4) Then go to the following link

Mars Exploration: Rock Around the World

A) Read and write summaries for the SUMMARY and ROCK SUBMISSIONS links.

B) Then go to VIEW A PICTURE OF YOUR ROCK and search for one of the rocks that were sent in from the St. Joseph High School campus by clicking on St. Croix on the map. So far, Jasmine Urgent's rock has been completely posted. Describe and explain the data and search the NASA website to help you explain it.

5) If you are finished the above, then ask permission to go to your email website and send an email to your teacher at Give your full name and number in your email and several sentences giving an overview of what you did in class today. This may be published on the internet as a blog but the main purpose is to get you started in signing up at later this week. Doing this is Objective W05. It may be done outside of class time by 9/15. You don't need to place W05 on your diskette. If you don't have an email account (or if it has expired), then ask permission to take the time to get one promptly. You need to have your own email account to complete this objective.

Be sure to turn in your completed assignment on the diskette before your leave.

Be sure to study and memorize notes 1 which were given to you (and posted elsewhere online) and know and explain what you have been doing in this class.

Be sure to follow -



September 14, 2004

1) First, do Objective W05. See September 13 above.You may include a short summary of what you did yesterday in your email.

2) Next, do Objective W06 "Practice Using Search Menus" You should become an expert at using Google Search after doing this objective.

3) First go to Google

4) Go to preferences and select the best filter. While using Google, inappropriate words or photos may come up during the search. The filter should prevent most of them. If not, be sure to skip over the inappropriate words or photos promptly. Do not search for any inappropriate words or pictures.

5) Search the Google web link for each of the following, Note the number of hits for each and the time to retrieve them. Spend more time on the indicated ones and follow the additional instructions

a) school

b) high school

c) St. Joseph

d) St. Joseph High School - See how manmy times the links are for your St. Joseph School.

Pick some of the other St. Joseph High School websites and explore them and compare them to your high school. Try "I'm feeling lucky" on St. Joseph High School.

6) Search the Google web link for your teacher's last name - Petrait. Note how many pages come up and estimate how many refer to your teacher. Try "I'm feeling lucky" on Petrait.

7) Search the Google images web link for your teacher's last name. How many times does his picture come up? Are there pictures that are from your teacher's websites?

8) Search the Google Froogle link for computer. Then enter a price range of $50. to $100. Are there some computers available for that price? Use your extra time to search for these products - digital cameras, television sets, radios, Change the price ranges, etc.

Be sure to turn in your completed assignment on the diskette before your leave.

Be sure to study and memorize notes 1 which were given to you (and posted elsewhere online) and know and explain what you have been doing in this class. Tomorrow, we plan to be in Bldg. 2 for notes and explanations. The Unit 1 test is scheduled for Friday in Bldg. 2.

Be sure to follow -



and study the Web Class Notes -

Go to Web Class Notes 1

September 15, 16, 17 2004

No school because of tropical storm Jeanne. Students with online access at home can keep up with this course by looking at the revised lesson plans for the next school day below.

Students are reminded to send email to from their email addresses for Objective W05

Students may now enroll in send email to first and the directions will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Any students who do this will be among the outstanding participants in this class!

September 21, 2004

The Unit 1 Test will be in Building 2 tomorrow. There follows a link to a copy of the 2 sets of handouts to be given to each student. .Be sure to know everything in the notes and any ideas that were added nad know about what you did while online. The book that you will use in this class is "HTML for the World Wide Web" Get a receipt from Ms.Strunkey after you paid for it and pick up your book in Building 2 by Thursday of this week. You will be needing it to help your learn HTML.

Go to Web Class Notes 1

Go to Web Class Notes 2

3 Students need to complete Objective W-05 before enrolling in gradeconnect. 15 students need to follow the directions and register for gradeconnect. This counts for Objective w07

Afterwards go to the SJHS Portal at and do the following Objective w08:

1) Surf the websites that are on the bottom 2 rows from to

2) Proportion your time so you can spend the entire period on surfing the 10 links. If you have 50 minutes left, then spend around 5 minutes on each one (including the writeup). If you have 75 minutes then spend around 7 1/2 minutes on each one.

3) Write about how each site could be useful for learning current subjects or for reaching your future goals. Test the search sites by placing the same search term in each one (give the term in your writing) .Compare the results.

September 23, 2004

1) Your grades are posted at gradeconnect. 4 students still need to register for gradeconnect and 3 need to send email. To caculate your current grade, add the total of your 8 assignment grades and divide it by 72 and change it to a %. Then add that number to your test grade and divide by 2 to find your current average. For example if you had all 9's, the sum is 72 and when you divide by 72 and change it to a % it becomes 100%. If you got 80% on your test, then add it to 100% and the total is 180%. Divide 180% by 2 and your average is 90%.

2) Finish W10 by submitting the written paper of send the email describing the weather forecast for today.

3) The main assignment today is W11 - Surfing Congress. Libraries, and the UVI. Place it on your diskette.

4) Again, proportion your time first. Look at how much time you have until the end of class and estimate how much time to spend surfing each website and how much time you will spend writing notes on how each one could be useful in your studies. Include the time estimate in your notepad report.

5) Go to the SJHS Portal and make it the default browser on your computer. Go to "more useful links"

6) First select "Thomas -U.S. Congress..." and explore it thoroughly. Look for the Hurricane Hugo article by checking the Congressional record link for the 101st Congress and entering "petrait" is the search menu.

7) Then explore the "Library of Congress" link.

8) Then explore the "UVI link" followed by the "UVI Libraries link"

9) Then go to "Libweb" and explore as many different libraries as possible.

10) You are reminded that you should have the book for this course by tomorrow.

September 24, 2004

1) Do you have the book? Be sure to bring in the required amount to Ms. Strunkey by Monday, get a receipt and pick up the book from your teacher. It is required that you have your own book for this class beginning on Monday, September 27, 2004. You need to refer to it in learning HTML and to bring it to every class of this subject.

2) The main assignment today is W12 - Surfing Wikipedia, The Open Directory Project, the Open Encyclopedia Project and MIT. You will find them by going to "more useful links" from the SJHS Web Portal.

3) First, determine the available time and then divide it up to include each of the 4 main surfing activities above and also include part of the time to write something about the sites and links visited and how information can be organized. Type the time schedule at the start of W12. For example 22 minutes on each of the 4 main links - of the 22 minutes spend 15 minutes surfing and 7 minutes typing. Vary the times as necessary but arrange it to be finished by the end of class. If you do this the right way, then you can't say that you are finished before the class ends.

September 27, 2004

1) You should have your book in today's class.

2) Today do Objective W13 - Online Books - Read the following and determine a time schedule that will take this entire class- note that the last part may continue tomorrow.

3) You should have made the SJHS Portal the default browser and have come to this page from there. If not, go there now at and set it as the default browser for your computer.

4) While at the SJHS Portal, click on "More Useful Links" and then go to Project Gutenburg at the top. Explore this website and write about the number and kinds of books online and how they were placed online.

5) From "More Useful Links" click on Electronic Library and explore that website and write about the number and kinds of books online. Compare it to Project Gutenberg.

6) Next go back to the SJHS Portal and click on "Online Literature Library" Click on Author's Index and then Edgar Allen Poe and then "The Tell-Tale Heart". Read the online book. (Remember the no-talking rule - read the book - don't discuss it - save that for lunch conversation.) When finished write a book report on it which includes something about the author - use the Wikipedia or other source. The book report should give the main plot of the story in your own words and should be ready to be used in making your first html web page. It should be long enough to give someone a good idea about the story and it author. You should brief notes and an outline before you write the report. You will be copying and pasting your book report only into your next objective in making a web page during a future class..

7) This will be continued tomorrow if necessary. You will be given both live and online instruction tomorrow for converting your book report into a web page. Your homework reading assignment is to read Pages 60 to the HTML book and to be able to use what you read. Don't hesitate to read Pages 1 to 60 regarding some general ideas which have been taken or may be covered at the appropriate times as you learn the HTML basics.

September 29, 2004

1) Be sure to have your book with you in class today and that your name and number are written in ink on the front page. Use it for your reference and do not loan it to any other student and do ot talk to or help any other student unless the teacher asks you to do so. Read all of these directions before you begin as you may need to do items that appear later whille you are making the web page.

2) Finish Objective W13 and all the items requested of you for September 27, 2004.

3) Then do Objective W15 - Making a Web Page for your book report on "The Tell-Tale Heart"

A) Use notepad and the usual file type (ID # and w15) but save it as html or htm on you diskette when you are finished . Your final saved file could look like 218w15.html if your number was 218. You need to consider what was taken in class about the html or htm not being visible and not being repeated twice. See below about starting the file in the usual way. Use small case letters for the html codes

B) Your web page should make use of all of the HTML that was taken in class and should include the head title and section titles. You should have at least 3 or more paragraphs with at least 3 or more sentences in each and with a space between each paragraph and a larger, centered main title with "by" and your full name centered underneath the title. You should have a separate section title (with letters a little smaller than the main title about Edgar Allan Poe. You can start by making a new blank notepad file (as usual - not html). Copy and paste the words of your book report into the new file. Then start adding the proper html codes to turn your book report into a web page as specified. When finished with all of the html code then save the file with the html suffix and delete the original file without the html. Again be careful so you don't delete the html file if it is not visible.

C) To test your web page, go to Internet Explorer and open your html file. It should contain all of the elements and be neatly arranged. You can view your html from Internet Explorer by viewing the source but you can't edit it from there. Do not save it as an Internet Explorer file.

D) You will be graded on your use of the html taken in class only and its appearance on Internet Explorer. Do not add any other html. You are responsible for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Use the online dictionary if necessary.

4) If you finish before the end of class, go to the SJHS Web Portal, then to the Online Literature Library, and then to Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle, Chapter 17, Galapagos Archipelago. Read that selection until the end of class.

5) For your convenience, yesterday's notes are online and so are some parts of the HTML for the WWW book.

Go to Web Class Notes 3

Go to HTML for the WWW

September 30, 2004

1) First finish W15.

2) Do W16 today and write a summary of what you did for Part A and write a book report for Part B after you do the assigned reading.:

A) Review HTML Basics at WebMonkey HTML Basics

B) Go to the SJHS Portal, More useful links, Electronic Library, Hans Christian Andersen and read the part that will be assigned to you and then write a book report on it as before. The book report should be in the form of a letter to a friend describing what the story was about in your own words.

C) If you are finished, return to Project Gutenberg and choose browse by author or title and search for some books so you can see the large number of books available. Note the formats of the books and how each book starts.

October 1, 2004

1) First Finish W16. You can do Part C of yesterday's directions after finishing W17.

2) Do W17 today. Make a Web Page with a letter book report on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that was assigned to you. Use the same HTML and a similar format as for W15. Try to be a little creative in arranging this webpage but only use the same html as before.

3) For homework, take your book home and read Pages 60 to 82, and 103 to 115. These pages contain what we have been doing with making web pages and what we will be doing. When you get the time, also read over pages 1 to 59 which contains much of the background that we already took in class.

October 4, 2004

1) Finish W17.

2) Practice placing your image on a web page and changing its specifications according to your weekend reading assignment and the notes 4. You may also search Web Monkey for information on using images. (link under Sept.30).

3) Start W18 which will be a webpage about yourself with your photo. Use as many of the html commands that have been given from your notes as possible. Make it positive and don't give anything too personal. Start with notepad as usual but only the final html file will be graded (and its html source). be sure to name it correctly as in 218w18.html

4) If you finish before the end of class, try doing this again - go to the SJHS Web Portal, then to the Online Literature Library, and then to Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle, Chapter 17, Galapagos Archipelago. Read that selection until the end of class.

4) Your reading assignment is the same as before.

October 5, 2004

1) Finish W18. Save it in a folder on your diskette - add a new folder - save the folder as 218w18 (use your ID number).- place your html file with the name of 218w18.html inside the folder and also place your photo file 218.jpg inside the folder.

2) Be sure to have all of your files in an orderly fashion and named exactly as specified. Delete all the files that are not part of an assignment

3) W19 is the reading of "The Voyage of the Beagle" as above and writing your own summary of it. The reading has around 50 paragraphs so your summary should contain something from most of the 50 paragraphs. W19 writeup will be due by Friday.

4) There will be a test on Tuesday, October 12 on all of the readings, notes, and assignments since the last test. You are expected to memorize all of the html taken.

October 6, 2004

1) Be sure to continue W19 only when you are finished doing W20. You are required to have your textbook with you at the computer and to refer to it today.

2) You are reminded that you reading assignment has been - read Pages 60 to 82, and 103 to 115. These pages contain what we have been doing with making web pages and what we will be doing. When you get the time, also read over pages 1 to 59 which contains much of the background that we already took in class. Add to it pages 117 to 132 and 354 to 356

3) Test 2 will take place on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 in Building 2. Know all of the reading assignment, handout notes, and what was practiced in class.

4) Refer to your reading assignment to do W20 -Links and background color

a) First experiment with changing the background colors and adding your photo in the background and then make a web page with a pleasing background color that will have text links to W18, W17, and W15. Then add links to W18, W17, and W15 to return to W20. W20 doesn't have to be in a separate folder but be sure to label it as 218w20.html and be sure to place W18 in a folder if you have not done so already. When you place a link to W18, you will have to include the folder and the file with the html. This may sound simple, but practice until you get it right. Next to the links to the pages, type in a description about the link and give the page a title.

October 7and 8, 2004

Web Notes 3

Web Notes 4

Web Notes 5

1) Today do W21 - More links and Backgrounds.

a) First you can experiment adding the leaves image to your background. Try downloading it from temporarily on the desktop.

b) Then add natfl004a.jpg as a background image - don't save it on your diskette.

c) Make another page of links (218w21.html) (218 is your number) and include outside links to the SJHS Portal Page, the SJHS Alumni Page and also to,, and, Write several longer words at the top of the page and use anchors and links to go to the definition of the word at the bottom of the same page. You can use the online dictionary to help you type the definitions. Also add email addresses like

by using this html

<A HREF=""></A>

d) Then finish W19. Time yourself to finish today and to write about it. It is important that you are observed doing the reading first and then doing the writing. I f you are observed doing this then you may get maximum points even if not finished. Don't read and write at the same time.

e) Test on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - see the reading assignment and web notes 3,4,5 Send your email questions to

October 13, 2004

Today follow instructions given in class. Some students may not be present because they will be taking a test.

October 14, 2004

1) Do Objective W24 "Notes related to My Scientific American Article" Search the web for more information about your topic and write notes on it (with the web page source. Do not copy and paste. You can expand your topic or go into more detail. Save your notes as 218w24.txt using notepad. The quantity of notes is not as important as the quality and your reading of the webpages and knowing all of the definitions about what you read. You will not be writing your final paper today. Try to use the entire period on this today. Placing this online next week according to specifications that will be given will be part of your semester exam.

2) In case you run out of something to do, then go to the Online Literature Library and read Charles Dickens' " A Christmas Carol" and inform your teacher when you are doing this. This is Objective W25 and you currently need not write anything for it unless you are observed not doing it during your extra time.

October 18, 2004

1) Objective W26 is the writing of your research article in your own words. It should be based on your notes in W23 and W24. It will be posted on your website and must follow all of the rules of good English grammar ,spelling, and web design. It needs to be of a good length with headings and section headings. You should not just give links to other articles but incorporate the information into your article in your own words and give the 20 or more citations at the end of your paper under the section heading of Bibliography. To help you do this you can use the following link to generate the proper formats for your citations which you can copy and paste into your article.

Citation Machine - Landmark Project

2) Your research paper should include at least 10 paragraphs of 3 or more sentences each and should include an opening paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. It should show have a meaningful title and show how you put together the various items of information that you read. Type this in notepad and save 2 copies on your diskette. Use one copy to convert to a web page by adding the proper html to it. You will eventually save it as 218w26.html where 218 is your number. You will be linking to this from your simple opening index page. Do not use any graphics.

3) Prepare a simple index page with notepad and save it as index.html on your diskette. It should say A Science Research Paper by (your name) and then have a link to 218w26.html (which need not be finished yet). You will use this page to start your tripod web page beginning on October 19, 2004.

4) W26 will be your exam grade and will be determined by what you place online and how well you did W23 and W24. W26 will be a percentage grade and will count 20% of your final grade. It includes the proper signing up for a free web site at tripod and your returning of the parent/guardian form. If you don't follow the exact instructions for doing this it will be deducted from your exam grade and you may not be able to receive a web page at tripod. It will not be listed with


October 19, 20, 21, 2004

1) Today, first make sure that you have your index.html file ready as indicated for October 18,2004. Hold off in doing your research paper until you register for a tripod page and then after confirming your registration, you will be uploading your index.html file to your tripod page using the cuteftp program which has been installed on all of the computers.

2) First observe the tripod webpage which was registered and uploaded from the computer room. Because it is a free page you will see ads on the top. Go to this page at Your index page will show up the same way and your address will be your ID in place of sjhswebsite.

3) Next, go to and click on " NewUsers Sign Up". Then go to "Tripod Free SignUp" Follow the instructions given on the handout and explained in class for signing up. Your ID should be yuor number in this class followed by your first name. If that does not take, then also place your number after your first name. Use a password that you will remember-write it down if your must but keep it secret. It is very important that you don't forget your password as it can be very difficult to finish the registratiion - and there goes your exam grade! Don't give your street address or phone number on the registration but do give your correct email address and age and other information. For this current webpage, choose "Home and Family" only for your ad content and don't check any of the special offers. Then be sure to place the hard-to-see confirmation number into the box.

4) When you have been accepted for tripod registration, send the URL of your website to and open the CuteFTP software. In the upper left hand corner, click on FTP - Site Manager and go to Cute FTP sites- Anonymous FTP sites -predefined sites-CuteFTP Related Sites and connect on the one site that is shown. It should take you to the Cute FTP with its software in the column on the right and your computer's files are on the left. Don't transfer any files, this was a test to show you how the FTP works.

5) Next, Go back to the top of the the Site Manager and edit the site. You need to place your exact tripod ID and password down on the form and then go to Connect. It may take 5 minutes of more to connect especially if everyone is doing it at the same time and it will only work if you have your exact ID and password and if is already on the form. If you are successful, then you will find your index.html file on the left column and transfer it to your website column and delete the other index.htm which is already there. Check out your website to see if it comes up to your index page and the go and continue to finish your science report page. Be sure to remove your ID and password from the CuteFTP as anyone will be able to open up your website and edit it.

6) During your extra time be sure to check out the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Tripod. You are responsible to follow them and there are restrictions for those under 18 in visiting or taking part in some of the tripod websites or activities.There are other restrictions for those who are 13 or younger.

New- October 21, 2004

7) Be sure to send email to with the address of your working websitre at Tripod.

8) Go to October 14, 2004 number 2 in case you finish all you can do and inform the teacher if you are doing it.

9) Physical Science students can try enrolling in Physical Science at Grade connect when they have a chance to do so.


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